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Property as an investment is relatively safe compared to equities (shares).


VP Invest is a private company

The Memorandum of Incorporation determines how directors may act and how shares can be traded. All business decisions are made in our investors’ best interests.

Understanding Investing

Investors in VP Invest understand that when dealing with property, it can take time for a property to provide maximum returns. Our investors therefore all share in our long-term view of prosperity. Investors are not involved in the management of VP Invest but each investor shares proportionately in all the profits and dividends of the company. We listen to our clients and always encourage any feedback.

Investing Funds

Invested funds are used to invest in a carefully chosen mix of rental properties and developments, yielding the best return at an acceptable level of risk. The profits are returned to investors in the form of dividends or when they sell their shares.

Share Price

The share price is calculated as NAV per share. NAV is calculated in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and is recalculated monthly as well as upon share transactions with the company.