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Investments in property development, residential and commercial properties.

Low cost

The company keeps operational costs to an absolute minimum ensuring maximum gains for shareholders. Our shareholders are not charged any fees, and any further investment is purely optional.

Invest early

The earlier you invest, the faster your money starts working for you. Rental income and profits are reinvested to earn yet more income, this is known as compound interest. Compound interest has a greater impact the longer you are invested, therefore we recommend you invest as soon as possible. Calculate now http://www.rapidtables.com/calc/finance/compound-i...

See growth

Watch your money grow along with the company share price. Contact us at any time to find out the latest value of your investment. Additionally VP Invest sends annual financial statements to all its shareholders keeping them up to date with all the activities of the company.

Invest in Developments

Property development is one of the most lucrative industries worldwide. VP Invest partners with developers to earn the excellent returns that are normally exclusive to developers.