All courses focuses on a one-on-one basis to attempt to be as hands-on as possible with each individual’s needs.
Students will need to have reference pictures and ideas available at all times of styles they want to know and learn more about. This will encourage the uniqueness of each individual class and make every student’s learning experience so much more worthy.
Choose one of our courses and let Lisa help you live out your passion and start your journey!


The makeup courses are designed to focus on both classic & modern trends to offer a more expansive and versatile skillset for the students.
These courses consist of a range of private classes with Lisa herself - this is to ensure a hands-on approach and caters to each individual's needs.
Students will be able to choose which styles and skills they are interested in - therefor creating a self-curated course.

Hair Styling

This course make for a great addition to your skills and knowledge after completing the Makeup Course. Being able to do your own hair and beautifully transform the hair of others, will not only prove to be a lot of fun, but great for your career in beauty.
In this course we will help you become an in-demand freelancing all-rounder, confident with the knowledge and skills with all the greats in the industry. The course offer private classes and is available on a part-time basis to suit your own schedule.

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