Our team is made up of highly skilled individuals that have major experience in the labeling industry as well as admin, marketing, sales and quality control. Our team is passionate about what they do and they give their best all day every day.

Managing Director

Jean van der Walt

Email: jean@limitlesslabels.co.za


Di Vanderwagen

Email: admin@limitlesslabels.co.za


Frankie Eiman

Email: operations@limitlesslabels.co.za

Sales & Marketing

Grant Vanderwagen

Email: grant@limitlesslabels.co.za


Matt Maurer

Email: matt@limitlesslabels.co.za


Pieter Wium

Email: pieter@limitlesslabels.co.za


Charl van der Merwe

Email: charl@limitlesslabels.co.za

22 Oosterland Rd Dal Josafat Paarl | +27(0) 21 862 0301 | +27(0) 711 952 782 | admin@limitlesslabels.co.za

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