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About The Brand

Crushed Kone Clothing is the style office that was founded in Cape Town, in February 2013. The brand was stocked in two small boutiques in 2013 and went on to being available from an on-line shop in 2014. Crushed Kone is a beautiful depiction of the rebirth of a woman's elegance, beauty, power & confidence. We're passionate about seeing women take their leading roles with a confident stride and the brand's central value is to equip a woman with more than just a dress, but with learned traits that adds value to what she can offer to society, because the woman behind the dress is what makes the dress more electrifying. The brand is build out of passion for elegant and noteworthy styles. It was birthed out of passion for the art of making clothes that makes women feel elegant, beautiful, powerful and confident. The brand is created for women who lead in their area of influence.

We’re your destination for exclusive and effortlessly chic styles that can be worn during the day & taken into the evening with ease when pared with the right accessories.

The brand devotes itself to providing women with the hottest styles that makes heads turn; and we're are passionate about dressing women in clothes that flatters their silhouette which further translates into looking good and felling confident.

According to us, style is all about dressing up in garments that compliments your assets and gives you boldness & confidence in your stride.

Our product offering comprise of mainly dresses, jumpsuits & skirts that gives an individual edge to your personal style. The product offering also consists of garments suitable for special occasions, statement pieces that makes you stand out from the crowd.

We are here to help you at every step of your style journey, Join The Style Culture.
Crushed Kone is a 100% black woman owned business, it is manufactured in South Africa by Africans.

A Crushed Kone Woman

A Crushed Kone woman is a modern woman who considers herself elegant & confident. She's an elite woman who doesn't blend in with the crowd due to her prevailing taste in good clothing. She's a woman of value, a style icon who sets the pace in all she does. She wants style, class, quality, effortlessly chic styles and exclusivity. She is a woman who sets her mind to rise above the norms to achieve what her vision has revealed, one who is able to come out of any situation with a mission and passion to rise into something spectacular. She is beautiful, intelligent and strong. A leader in her personal and professional life.

The business Model

The Crushed Kone business model consists of all the clothing retail business stages: design, production, sales & distribution. The distribution of the brand is through our own online store, our sales force and corporate networking events. The woman behind the dress is at the core of the brand's philosophy.

Crushed Kone Slogan

Crushed Kone Slogan: "The Style Culture" - creating an atmosphere of culture that fosters a platform for women to interact, learn and grow as leaders, is what ignites a Crushed Kone Woman to lead effectively in her area of influence, as a style icon, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a corporate leader and a business leader.

The meaning behind the brand name and the logo

Crushed Kone meaning: One who rises into something spectacular.
Crushed Kone Clothing's logo is made up of a confident and powerful woman who is clothed in a beautiful & elegant calla Lilly which is our very own beautiful depiction of the rebirth of a woman's elegance, beauty, power & confidence.


To add value to a woman's life through creating exclusive, elegant & individualized garments that boosts self image & self esteem, creating an atmosphere of culture that fosters a platform for women to interact, learn and grow as leaders, encouraging women to effectively lead with confidence and the highest moral in their area of influence.

Mission Statement

Provide exclusive, elegant, quality & individualistic look that animates brand equity and brand loyalty, empowering employees with the proficiency that aligns with the Crushed Kone brand philosophy of exceptional quality and craftsmanship & creating a platform of culture through interactive & educational marketing events.

Core Values & Beliefs

Crushed Kone personalized values and beliefs acronym: the TITE Costume

Trust - Trusting each other and committing to authentic relationships and commitments

Integrity- Having a strong moral principles and honesty

Team Work - Living up to values and going the extra mile

Excellence - Producing a world class brand

Corporate Citizenship - Pursuing commercial success in ways that honours values, respect people and communities

Corporate Philosophy

"We devote our expertise and human resource to create superior products and service that results in a positive self image of the Crushed Kone Woman, brand equity & customer delight, building a brand for women who lead with confidence"

Our Industry

Committed to leading in the clothing industry through the excellence of creating high quality & exclusive products that add value to our customer, products that boosts self image and self esteem.

Committed to providing clients with exclusive designs that can be worn throughout the year, we create products that are not short lived like fads & fashion but can be worn over a life time. Bringing you a new meaning to timeless modern styles.

Committed to preserving the environment through recycling left over fabrics by making scatter cushions which further creates additional jobs & income

Maintain external competitiveness

Our Customer

Our future prosperity is directly linked to serving our clients with excellence and diligence.

Committed to providing an exclusive lifestyle brand that is made with quality fabrics & the finest craftsmanship.

Committed share knowledge that is geared to inspire customers to learn, grow and lead effectively in their area of influence.

Our Employees

Committed to hiring and developing top employees whose skills are in line with our brand.

Develop a conscious working atmosphere where individuals can develop their creative potential that will further company prosperity. and achieve personal goals Link rewards to business results, through sustained individual and collective performance based on tangible results.
Ensures internal equity.

Crushed Kone gives young local girls from fashion schools an internship opportunity to help them attain their work experience (The fashion school requirement before students can graduate).
Crushed Kone takes part in helping to elevate unemployment in South Africa. The company offers a full-time /part-time business opportunity to dedicated sales people & also offers a satisfactory commission structure.

Our Communities

Committed to excellence on the products and service we provide, in our work ethics, in our relationships with our clients, employees, communities, suppliers and industry.

Crushed Kone | The Style Culture

Crushed Kone is a beautiful depiction of the rebirth of a woman's elegance, beauty, power & confidence. The brand is build out of passion for elegant and noteworthy styles. Our product offering comprise of mainly dresses, skirts and jumpsuits that gives an individual edge to your personal style. Exclusive & effortlessly chic styles is at the heart of what we do, while the heart beat of the brand is the woman behind the dress.



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